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New Home Inspections -
New Residential Structure Specialty


New construction needs to be inspected by an independent home inspector!  

Our perspective is unaffected by the “wow”factor or the “it is new so it is all done properly” attitude.  We provide the same careful inspection on new homes as we do on older homes.  While your builder may have a great reputation, it is not uncommon to find problems that have been missed or shortcuts taken by subcontractors. Sometimes the local jurisdiction authorities miss items that you need to know about.  While we are not code inspectors or enforcers, we often find issues that are best identified during the construction process, and certainly before closing. 

Some clients ask for an inspection just before closing.  Others use our three-phase inspection during construction, for which we inspect the home at three times – first when the foundation is complete, then just before the drywall is installed, and finally just prior to closing.   We often find backfill and drainage defects when the foundations are considered finished.   At the pre-drywall inspection, we often find missing fasteners, improperly notched structural elements, broken truss members, unsealed shell penetrations, incomplete fire blocking, and improper installation of windows, for example.  Our pre-closing inspection is a complete home inspection, and often identifies issues that should be brought to the builder's attention before closing.

Virginia implemented new regulations for licensing home inspectors in July 2017, including licensing requirements related to new home inspections.  We are properly licensed with the New Residential Structure Specialty. 


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