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Aging-In-Place Home Readiness & Safety Audit

The majority of seniors want to remain at home as they get older -  i.e., "aging in place."   Many factors may influence the ability of an individual to do so.  Personal physical, financial and emotional conditions are primary factors, along with their resources and accessibility of the community and support structure.

Many conditions throughout the home can affect the comfort and safety of someone aging in place. PepperWood can perform a home audit for you or your parents to identify these conditions.

All of our Home Inspections document the conditions of the main systems of a home, and will provide guidance for a general safety and maintenance program.  But we can go also beyond this standard and look at the factors that could specifically affect the safety and convenience of someone who is aging in place. A room-by-room audit can reveal conditions that pose safety hazards or might be improved to proved better safety, security, convenience, and accessibility. 

The PepperWood Aging-in-Place Home Readiness & Safety Audit systematically works through each of the living areas of the home – inside and outside - and addresses issues such as:
  • Are handrails easy to reach, graspable, slip resistant, and securely fastened?
  • Are stairways well lighted with treads that are easily seen, with good traction and securely away from traffic areas?
  • Are outside doorways, steps, porches and walkways free of obstacles and well lighted? 
  • Are there extension cords that are worn, or under rugs, or otherwise potentially dangerous?
  • Are the controls for kitchen appliances clearly marked and easily grasped?
  • Do the showers have slip resistant flooring, curbless access, secure grab bars, and an emergency call button within reach?
  • Are cleaning materials safely stored?
  • Do any stored materials or furniture restrict emergency egress?
This Audit is intended to provide a supplement to the more complete inspection of the home’s structure and systems.  Together, the Home Inspection and Aging-in-Place Audit will help identify concerns and prioritize improvements and repairs that can make the home a safer, more secure, convenient and accessible environment for its residents and visitors.