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We created PepperWood Home Inspections, LLC to provide a high level of service for clients facing important decisions.  We were frustrated by inspections that were incomplete or, even if thorough, poorly communicated to clients.  A home inspection must be thorough and placed in context for it to be truly useful.  Clients should be able to learn from the process, and understand the and differences among and implications of  - major deficiencies, minor repair tasks and routine maintenance items. 

We also see more seniors deciding to age-in-place.  We want to help inform their decision process by identifying conditions that pose safety hazards or might be improved to proved better safety, security, convenience, and accessibility. 

I have been dealing with building and construction issues for most of my 30+ year career, which began with an MS in Physics and another MS in Energy & Resources.  I have designed infrared thermal imaging systems; managed A&E and Real Estate related businesses; implemented energy efficiency capital construction projects for commercial, industrial and institutional and residential facilities; and designed and implemented energy auditing programs for utilities. 
PepperWood Home Inspections, LLC brings clients insightful inspections in perspective.

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